Corporate Massage


Here at Amethyst I have a team of professional, qualified and insured massage therapists specialising in therapeutic and remedial massage.

We are able to offer bespoke massages to suit individual clients. The therapists have extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and with this knowledge remedial massage may be used to prevent and heal injuries.

Providing a massage in the workplace is beginning to catch on throughout the whole of the UK. This cost effective service is a way to provide your employees with a unique service with proven benefits. Currently we are working with clients in their work place around the Nottingham and Derby areas where staff are reaping the benefits.

The benefits are endless, but it will add a professional image to your company that will promote a general sense of well being which should be a visible return in your investment.

  • May help to reduce sickness of staff in the workplace

  • May help reduce fatigue and increase alertness

  • Enhance thinking and concentration

  • Relieves headaches and eye strain

  • Particular health issues may be addressed such as RSI(repetitive strain injury)

These benefits then carry on into the workplace providing a less stressful and enjoyable work environment which improves moral, retains loyal employees and promotes health awareness.

The massage typically lasts for 15-20 minutes and we supply all of the equipment and paper work, such as a consultation declaration forms and booking sheets. All that is required is a room/private area for a couch or onsite massage chair to be erected to perform the treatments.

Choose from Swedish back massage, onsite acupressure massage or Indian head and shoulder massage. Alternatively if no space is available head and shoulder massage may be performed at the desk of the employee.



PRICES - £45 per hour, per therapist