Amethyst offers a bespoke training service to therapists who are either looking to enhance the treatments they already offer or for those wishing to learn a new skill or change of career.

All therapies are taught in small groups of no more than 4 or 1 to1 if preferred (please ask for details - an additional fee will be charged for this service) .

Training is carried out within my salon space in Beeston. However, I am also able to travel to your place of work or home if this would suit you better; where a discount price is avilable for groups of 6 or more students. 

All courses are accredited with ABT so on completion you will be competent to provide the treatment to paying clients and gain insurance to practise safely and legally.

Please do not hesitate to contact me direct on 07986005141 to discuss any of the courses in more detail and arrange a training date with me.

I look forward to hearing from you.......


NEW...from India
Ayurvedic Kansa (Vatki) Foot and Leg Massage  £200
The Kansa Vatki is a small bowl made from copper, zinc and tin and in Ayurvedic practse is known as "the healing metal". It helps to reduce pain and inflammation, aids the digestive and immune system and helps reduce headaches and insomnia. The treatment focuses on the feet and lower leg working on 7 marma points (Ayurvedic pressure points) and the 7 chakras of the body. This treatment helps induce deep relaxation and restores a level of peace, calm and equilibrium to the mind, body and spirit. You will also learn about the bodies 3 Doshas. This includes the kansa wand or vatki essential for performing this treatment.
No previous therapy  experience is required

1 day Training
Ongoing assessments and Quiz

Eastern Bamboo Massage £160 
An advanced massage treatment that allows you to perform a deeper tissue massage using warmed bamboo sticks to relax the body and enhance wellbeing. A must for all Massage Therapists to learn as it allows you to offer a deep tissue massge without the strain to your joints. Works really well with Hot Stone Massge to offer the ultimate deep tissue massge. Using a rice bran oil to enhance the treatment which is full of Vitamin E and antioxidants.
Must hold a recognised Body Massage Qualification
1 day Training
Ongoing assessments and Quiz
Thermo-AuricularTherapy (HOPI CANDLES) £100 - (Beeswax candles - non vegan)
This relaxing treatment assists with sinus problems, tinnitus, and aids relaxation. Specially designed candles are inserted into the ears, Once lit the candles have a chimney effect drawing impurities from the ears. Learn how to safely insert and remove the candles and how to apply facial massage and accupressure to develop a full professional treatment.
No former qualification required, just an interest
Half Day training
Ongoing assessments and Quiz


REIKI 1 £160
This will be the start to your path of using Reiki energy where on completion of the course you will need to complete a period of self-healing for a minimum of 21 days before you gain the qualification that will then allow you to practise using Reiki energy on friends and family.
No former qualification required, just an interest
1 Full Day Training, students and master provide and share a meal
On going Assessments
Self-healing to be completed for a period of 21 days after the session to gain the qualification

Gently warmed Basalt stones glide along the skin penetrating tension & improving circulation. This deeply relaxing treatment is said to
open energy pathways and balance chakras. You will learn how to use a water cabinet that is used in industry and/or the latest hot stone
mobile bag designed for mobile therapists.
Must hold a recognised Body Massage qualification
1 Days Training
Ongoing assessments and Quiz
An intensive treatment working with pressure on areas of muscle tension. You will be taught how to perform a massage to the back, neck,
head and scalp. You will perform the treatment on clients clothed and unclothed and learn how to apply the oils to hair.
No former qualification required, just an interest
1 Full Day
Ongoing assessments and Quiz
Case Studies to be completed

Based on the principle that reflex points on the feet and hands correspond to all of the body systems, may alleviate and improve symptoms
such as everyday stress and tension. You will learn all the reflex points of the feet that correspond to all of the organs of the body
and its systems.
No former qualification required, just an interest
3 Day Course
On going Assessments and Quiz
Anatomy and Pysiology multiple choice to be completed with Amethyst prior to training
Case studies to be completed
REIKI 2 £160
At this level you will be able to work with paying clients. During this training you will learn how to distance heal, and there will be several tasks you will need to complete in your own time. Once these have been completed you will receive your certificate.
Must hold a recognised level 1 practitioner qualification, not necessarily with Amethyst
Completion of tasks to be ccompleted in your own time before the qualification is achieved